At Petrotek, we offer a comprehensive range of fuel dispensers designed to meet the needs of modern petrol stations.

Outdoor Payment Terminal

In the ever-evolving landscape of petrol stations, convenience and efficiency are paramount. Our Outdoor Payment Terminal (OPT) redefines the customer experience, offering seamless transactions in any weather conditions, day or night.

Weather-Resistant Design: Engineered to withstand the elements, our Outdoor Payment Terminal is built with rugged materials and advanced technology. Rain, wind, or shine, it stands ready to serve your customers, ensuring uninterrupted operations and unrivaled reliability.

User-Friendly Interface: Designed with simplicity in mind, our OPT features an intuitive user interface that guides customers through the payment process effortlessly. Large, easy-to-read displays and tactile keypads ensure smooth interactions, even for those wearing gloves or in low-light conditions.

Multiple Payment Options: Embracing the diversity of modern payment methods, our Outdoor Payment Terminal supports a wide range of payment options. From traditional credit and debit cards to contactless payments and mobile wallets, customers have the flexibility to choose the method that suits them best.

Integration with Loyalty Systems: Seamlessly integrate our OPT with your station’s loyalty system to offer personalized rewards and incentives. Customers can easily earn and redeem points, enhancing their overall experience and fostering long-term loyalty to your brand.

Enhanced Security Features: Protecting customer data and financial transactions is our top priority. Our Outdoor Payment Terminal is equipped with advanced security features, including encryption protocols and tamper-resistant components, to safeguard sensitive information and prevent fraud.

Remote Monitoring and Management: Stay in control of your operations with remote monitoring and management capabilities. Track transaction data in real-time, perform diagnostics, and remotely update software to ensure optimal performance and compliance with industry standards.

Customizable Branding: Make a lasting impression on your customers with customizable branding options for our Outdoor Payment Terminal. From logos and color schemes to promotional messaging, you have the freedom to tailor the terminal to reflect your station’s identity and values.